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Tancredo and Kos and Mental Health

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Wow, Markos "Kos" Moulitsas showed no mercy. Tom Tancredo embraces his hard-core right wing credibility, so he was an active participant. He had his "veteran" credibility removed from under him by *actual* veteran Markos. But as a person who suffers from depression myself, I cannot say I am 100% cool with this. It is wrong to use depression as a slur, but, then, what goes around comes around - so I can't feel too sorry for Tancredo.
Randomly Walking: Tancredo and Kos and Mental Health: "

My regular readers know that I have a significant mental illness. Tom Tancredo got a deferment from serving in Viet Nam due to depression. That illness is basically all that he and I have in common.

I initially thought that it was a cheap shot for Kos to mention the reason for Tancredo's deferment until I saw (via a comment to the original story) that Tancredo had voted against a law that would require insurance companies to treat mental illness the same way as they treat physical illness.

I guess that it was ok for him to stay out of the war due to mental illness but not ok to have people with mental illness treated in the same manner by their insurance company as people with any other chronic (or acute) condition.

My comment to Rob Wolfe's post:

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Disgusting. A diagnosis of depression was good enough to keep him out of Vietnam, a war he publicly supported, but not good enough to count as a "real" disease.
As I fellow person diagnosed with the mental illness of depression, I cannot fathom such callow and craven behavior as Tom Tancredo demonstrated.
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libhom said...

I'm not a big fan of wishy washy centrists like Moulitsas, but I don't think he was using depression as a slur. I think he was implying that Tancredo was faking it to get out of Vietnam.

manuelg said...

Obviously, I am being very generous in giving Tancredo the benefit of the doubt - saying he received a legitimate diagnosis of depression as a teenager. His later behavior suggests that he was just throwing out excuses for service, to see what might stick.