Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recover from Bad Break-up - Man up: improve yourself first, men, the right ladies will follow later

Female readers, skip the first one. You can start reading at #2. I typed this pretty quickly, and the advice seems sound. I cannot imagine going too wrong following this advice after a bad breakup.

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Sexist piece of advice - Women please ignore

[Female readers - please skip over this one] Get another piece of tail before you lose the "stink" of the last girl. Nothing is so attractive to a women on a man than the "stink" of another woman. Also, you will waste less time "crying over spilt milk" if you know you are under time pressure. Just a few weeks, at the very maximum. Notice I said "piece of tail", and not "serious relationship". You are not worthy of a "serious relationship" just yet(see #2). [Female readers - you can continue reading]

Man up

Work on your job, career, car, clothes, hair, domicile, physique, quality of friends, and also take care of your spiritual outlook. Assume the break-up was caused by your own lack - either in attractiveness or judgement. When you have objective evidence of progress in all these fronts, you are ready for another serious relationship. Not working on these, everyday, is another way of saying "I want to go back to being a thumb-sucking mommy's boy". Sure, you will back slide. But don't let yourself off the hook, and don't cling to your mommy's dress hem, you nancy-boy!

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Make girls feel good, everyday

The last piece of advice is to not get bitter - a man who hates women is a vile thing. A man's job, if he is not already in a relationship, is to make women happy and feel good, in all sorts of ways, every day. Smile (gentlemanly nice smile), flirt (gentlemanly, nicely), and even ask girls out just to flatter them when they turn you down - giving a girl this gift of flattery is one of the nicest things you can do as a man. Go out on a limb, and tell a girl the nice things she deserves to hear. She will turn you down because she already has a man (let's say), but she will still be flattered by a gentlemanly compliment.


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