Monday, November 9, 2009

Jason Calacanis on How To Kill Google

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I am a fan of Google, but I would love to see the top five mainstream-media sites be exclusively indexed by Bing. It would be a real-world test of how effectively Google is able to monetize search compared to Microsoft/Yahoo. Right now we can only guess. If this really took place, bloggers would be the big winners, because they would leap to the top of the searches. Anyone who thinks there is better reporting in the mainstream media just hasn't read the top bloggers in their particular area of expertise and interest. Mainstream reporters have to pull their punches.
See [Secret Diary of Steve Jobs]: "Why the mainstream media is dying"
The best reporters of the top five mainstream media sites would have a reason to move to Huffington Post, if Google can raise Huffington Posts hits, if Google can effectively monetize those hits, and if Huffington Post's business model allows more money to flow to the people actually writing the stories.
I would love to see it all play out - to see what would really happen.

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Jason Calacanis on How To Kill Google: "
I favorited a YouTube video: Jason Calacanis shares how Microsoft Bing can kill Google by partnering with news organizations such as the New York Times. Clipped from episode #24 of This Week in Startups with Gary Vaynerchuk Visit for more
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