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Leverage Against Israel... Whither Egypt?

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One thing that is not mentioned enough is that USA aid to Egypt is really aid to Israel, once removed. Only the disgustingly repressive state of Egypt can contain a Muslim uprising against Egypt's neighbor of Israel. If the Egyptian army had the USA aid source of funds removed, it would quickly join with the Islamists and attack Israel with rockets (cowardly but effective). The aid to Israel and Egypt has to be considered as two parts of a single aid package for Israel's security.
Leverage Against Netanyahu - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan: "

Of course, the idea of using the lever of suspending aid has long been a non-starter in Washington so strong is Israel's support in the capital. But Tom Friedman today urged a policy of American withdrawal from the conflict altogether until the two/three parties show some minimal interest in moving forward:

If the status quo is this tolerable for the parties, then I say, let them enjoy it. I just don’t want to subsidize it or anesthetize it anymore. We need to fix America.

That no-subsidies-for-Middle-East-intransigents line would have real traction for many Americans, sick of spending their money and risking the lives of their sons and daughters in religious conflicts far away. (It could be used against Egypt as well).


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I hope Israel chooses a two-state solution. They cannot compete with the demographics of the Muslim population - a growing Muslim population relative to Israeli Jews. I hope they stop with the *new* settlements, and focus only with concrete walls. Some settlements will have to be *sacrificed* because there isn't enough concrete in the world to protect them (sacrificed - a.k.a. Jewish settlers will have to leave behind their best chance at their own homestead). Israeli civilian security - Muslim rockets retaliated with disproportionate force (a.k.a. killing Muslim civilians) with Israeli rockets, and not Israeli troops. The rockets falling upon Israeli civilians will *never* stop, the number will wax and wane, but never cease.
Nobody is allowed to put these plainly true sentences together - it is a political impossibility. I pray it happens, or there will not be a Jewish state for my grand-children to know. Fantasies on the Left and on the Right stir suicidal actions. Sadly, if you string together the political and military facts, and use them to draw a plain conclusion, you are "Un-Serious" or "Blood-Thirsty". So the suicidal fantasies on the Left and on the Right rule the day, right up to the day the world loses the Jewish state of Israel. The conclusion will be in less than a single generation.
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