Thursday, July 23, 2009

I want Blankie and my Mommie!

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A Plinky prompt: "You just got one year in jail. You get to bring three things with you to jail. What are they?"

video iPod Books on tape, music, movies, TED lecture videos, Mythbusters, Peggle...

a book on the history of China a lot to learn, better take advantage and get crackin'. I hate my American "history education". How are you going to be a citizen of the world if you are ignorant of world history?




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Rottweiler I had a 110 pound rescued Rottweiler that would love to sleep on my legs (very painful for my legs). Everyday with "Zeus" (the name given by his previous neglectful owner) felt like getting beat up after school, because the dog was so strong and physical, even though he loved me through and through. Some games we would play: (1) "play" biting my hands and arms and feet until throbbing with pain and bruised (2) jumping six feet in the air and bringing me down from a full run (I am college linebacker sized) and "play" biting my hands and arms and feet as I lie dazed on the ground. Remember, these were the games he played with people he *liked*. I am a big guy, so I could wrap my hand around his muzzle, to scold him when he got too out of control. I can't imagine him allowing anyone else to do that. If I was to be physically abused in prison, I would prefer it was by my own loyal Rottweiler.

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