Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey! just realized how much of my happiness is under my control!

Thank you, Plinky. Instead of constructing the perfect day from start to finish, I just imagined plopping my head down on the pillow, and what would put my mind at ease before I saw logs. And it brought into focus that all this stuff is under my control. Which is a good feeling!

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A very nice way to end the day is being silly with a silly wife and a silly daughter. The economist Bryan Caplan makes the case for less emphasis on trying to change or mold your children, and more emphasis on enjoying the company of your children. Goes without saying that this is fine advice for your spouse as well. It is very nice to share a little house with such interesting people. I don't mind the teasing.

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walk the dog, exercise

I feel much better about myself after I walk the dog, and exercise on the stationary bike. Much better than walking the bike and exercise on the stationary dog (?).

lost some pounds

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Seeing that I gained a few pounds can be a real downer. My liver does not need to be any fattier. I am not fattening myself up for Hannibal Lecter to enjoy.

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