Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teeth falling out in my dreams

I cannot muster the effort to remember my dreams, but I can tell you some recurring themes and snippets:

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Teeth feeling loose or falling out, or having to pull them out. I hate this one. My mind must be telling me to floss more often.




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High school friends, going back to high school because failed one credit, going back to college because failed one credit. Annoying. I am always optimistic that I will be able to handle myself better, knowing what I know now, I guess that is good.

[Check out this cool high school plaque from Korea!] I have a lot of dreams where I have to control a car from the back seat (somehow working the steering wheel from back there, or quickly maneuvering into the drivers seat). Or driving, but instead of the normal view out the front windshield, for some strange reason I can see my own car, far ahead of myself, and I have to control it much like a remote control car, from a long distance, and with great difficulty.

My dreams feel a lot like my life: overcomplicated by my attempts to cope with my own run-away anxiety. I hate it. The situations are so complicated, I must admit they are quite interesting. Sometimes I look forward to sleep just so that I can ruminate over the peculiar situations I experienced in my dreams when I finally wake up.

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Heh, there comes a time when you finally out-grow scary movies, because, compared to the pressures of your grown-up life, being chased by a serial killer or monster would be the most relaxing thing to happen in a long time. That realization is why I don't have nightmares like that, like I did when I was a kid. Being tortured by a serial killer would be a nice break from things exploding at work, and my lovely wife lowering the boom when I screw up at home.

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