Wednesday, June 17, 2009

StratPlayer on "Self-Reliance"

I liked this Plinky post by StratPlayer on "Self-Reliance":

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Years ago a singer song writer named Loudon Wainwright III wrote this lyric: My father thinks I’m no good for nothing I’ll never amount to much But he doesn’t know my secret weapon I can count on myself in the clutch

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My first wife always looked for someone else to see her through the tough times. All of my children grew up with that ethic. They have been in trouble all their lives.
Jess said:
There's a song by The Hives where they say "You get what's given to you", and it's about the kind of people who blame everyone else for their problems and have this sense of entitlement they present to the world. My mother is like that. I hope it didn't spread.
My comment:

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The scariest, for me, is when I know darn well nobody is coming to my rescue, but I still act like I can goof off today, because tomorrow something will take my problems away. I have to work really hard to internalize the idea that nobody is coming to my rescue, ever. But I better not overdue my worry, half of "count on myself in the clutch" is not blaming anyone else. If it was easy it would hardly be worth doing.
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