Thursday, April 23, 2009

Matter of National Security! I ate the Terrorist Cookies!

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I need excuses mainly for my constant snacking. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver, and with eating less, eating better, and exercise I have gone from an obese 255 pounds to 231 pounds (weighed myself yesterday). I am on my way down to 198 pounds (I may be fooling myself about being able to reach 198 pounds. I am 6'1", but the last time I was 198, I was a scrawny high schooler. Everyone else will be happy with something below 220).

But the lure of the snacks is strong. I am not sure why I bother with excuses, my Baby just lifts a hand to smack me when she catches me with crumbs around my mouth. I really don't get a chance to get a word in, before receiving the dope-smack to the head.
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