Friday, April 24, 2009

Casual Cruelty wins the Poopie Prize

What offends me, unfortunately, are things I am guilty of -- guilty more often than I will initially admit. That is why I think that people who get in my face are doing me a favor, when they point out my hypocrisy. The Jesus Bobble-Head on my desk knows that I know better.

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Casual Cruelty Cruelty, without any emotional engagement at all, offends and disturbs me. I will not lie; I can sometimes be purposely abrasive to escalate a situation that irritates me. But when somebody lets me know I went too far, I absolutely do not treat them like a non-entity. Even your very worst enemy is made of flesh and blood, and is driven by passions that are genuine to them. Do I forget this sometimes? Yes, to my shame.

Power Trips Power Trips are sick. If I go off on a Power Trip, please kick me in the pants. I will thank you for doing me that favor.

Taking credit, without taking responsibility Man, before you take even a tiny bit of credit, take the whole of the responsibility. And when you know how hard it is to take complete responsibility, you will be loath to take even a tiny bit of credit. You will just deflect the credit, and truthfully say that you were happy to help, the little bit you helped, to the best of your ability. Again, if I break this rule, feel free to kick my junk in the trunk; I will thank you for doing me that favor.

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