Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heh, accidental overdose on meds, manic for 36 hours before crash

Err, not really a fan of the idea of "being on fire". I am probably a little too depressed, a little too cynical, a little too low energy, a little too distracted. But I would hate to "be on fire", I distrust manic energy.

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I am reading more about the philosophy of Stocism, and this really seems to ring true to me. I would rather be a Stoic bravely pressing on with purpose and determination, than be a frantic manic fire-bug. I don't mind the idea of working a little every day to be more purposeful and more determined, to see the benefit years in the future.

Sitting on your hands, waiting for inspiration to light a fire under you can be a terrible state of being.
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