Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rats! Mother Nature's dearest children

I asked my daughter to help with the bait for the rat traps. She smeared peanut butter on Italian cheese. It actually looked like a fairly tasty treat, but I was simply going to smear it on the trigger of a rat trap, hoping not to snap my fingers.

ssttt! little baby-mouse, sleeping on my hand

We have rats in our attic. It is gross, a 6'1" 260 lb dude scrabbling all up in the rafters of the attic, praying he (me) will not fall through the ceiling, me scrabbling amongst the rat dropping, setting rat traps with my shaky arthritic hands.

But I admire rats. Nobody takes care of them, they have to take care of themselves. But after humans kill themselves with climate change or nuclear war or both, rats will still be scurrying. And squeaking.

That is a FINE DESIGN. Rats never put on airs, they just be stuffing their face with cheese and pooping in my attic.

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