Friday, January 8, 2010

I cut my own hair - because I am a crazy folk

Hate having people touch me, hate waiting, hate sitting still in that chair, hate stupid chit-chat, hate the horror of a bad haircut, hate them taking my glasses away and forgetting to give them back when they ask me to survey the progress in the mirror, hate getting all shaggy while procrastinating going to barber, hate finding out my barber is a Ditto-Head, hate having somebody assume I saw the game last night, hate tipping for just a middling haircut, hate reading dog-eared old magazines. So I hate the barber - big time.

What should you expect if you get me to shave your head in my bathroom?
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You should expect a buzz cut if I cut your hair, because that is the only cut I can do. Put on the 3/8" guard, and I go to town. Zip zap zip that razor across my head, until I run out of hairs to cut.

You should expect the same electric razor used to cut ALL MANNER of body hair - I am not shaving down for a swim-meet, and I have no desire to get hairless over my body and baby-smooth, but realized long ago if I chop away at the thickets of curly hairs, I can save on my undergarment laundering bills. So have no illusions of an electric razor in proper hairdresser sanitary condition.

You should expect the back of your neck shaved better than the back of my own neck.

The Buzz MonsterImage by Steve Snodgrass via Flickr
You should expect to be showered clean of tiny hairs afterward.
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