Monday, January 11, 2010

I am eating Goatmeal - I would rather be eating Chorizo

Actually, I enjoy a fine bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal - a little bit honey & brown sugar, raisins & banana & cream - a very fine thing. My Baby-Love makes me Sunday breakfast oatmeal with banana - and I cannot complain. Very fine for regular bowel movements (also - see Black Coffee later).

ChorizoImage via Wikipedia
Chorizo & Eggs & Hash Brown Potatoes
Now, lets get into the realm of food I am not allowed to eat! Chorizo & Eggs & Hash Brown Potatoes - & jalapenos & onions & olives & mushrooms & peppers. BooYeah! Chorizo - pure indigestion greasy meaty spicy goodness! Be careful to overcook! Oh Baby, all that fine caramelization and browning going on!
Black coffee w/ Mucho Refills
What do I like about Black Coffee w/ Mucho Refills? (1) It's Black (2) It's Coffee (3) It's Refills Muy Mucho. Coffee is outstanding for Epic B.M.s just before noon.

Las Vegas Buffet Bacon Tray Bacon
Order bacon at Denny's - two lousy pieces! What the hell am I supposed to do with two lousy pieces of bacon? Las Vegas Buffet Bacon Tray Bacon - now THAT is bacon! Also like the flatness of the bacon pieces and the perfection of the cooking - not undercooked (gross jelly like shivering streaks of glistening fat) and not overcooked (overcooked bacon = severe depression)

Half Gallon Jug of Orange Juice
What the hell am I supposed to do with a glass of OJ the size of my thumb?

Several stacks of silver dollar pancakesImage via Wikipedia
Pancakes + Sausage
Best thing about Pancakes - Pancakes is *plural*. And it is *cake*. I use very little butter on my toast, but on pancakes... that butter + warm syrup hits the spot. Breakfast sausage is not my favorite, but with pancakes + butter + warm syrup, Boy-Howdy!
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