Friday, October 23, 2009

Note to self - don't be such a sissy-pantz

I am such a weird bundle of anxieties, I am *always* too risk-adverse. With regards to attraction and romance and love, better to be sorry than safe.

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With regards to sex, realize it is what humans do when they get nervous about emotional vulnerability and intensity. When things get scary because of emotional vulnerability, people have sex as a way of avoiding those scary feelings. Holding off on sex is a guaranteed way to have more emotionally honest relationships. This explains why men and women leap into sexually physicality. Don't fool yourselves ladies - to a first approximation, a man and a women have sex at the exact time that a women starts feeling uncomfortable with the potential emotional intensity. It is a way to regain the power in this situation. Emotional intensity and vulnerability - better to be sorry than safe.

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Ugh, what the hell? Can't I answer a Plinky prompt in a straightforward way? Ignore me, I am just too full of myself.

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