Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dignity begins when boasting ends

This is brilliant. From:
Subhashita Manjari
(A Collection of Sanskrit epigrams)
Remind myself when my wife says I make as ass of myself every time I speak for longer than 2 minutes 45 seconds, or start speaking without pausing for at least 1 minute 45 seconds.
Dignity begins when boasting ends: "

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चतुरः सखि मे भर्ता यल्लिखति तत् परो न वाचयति । तस्मादप्यधिकं मे स्वयमपि लिखितं स्वयं न वाचयति ॥

'My husband is very clever. Nobody can understand what he writes', says a lady to her friend. Her friend replies, 'My husband is even more clever, he himself can't understand what he writes!'

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'We rise in glory, as we sink in pride, Where boasting ends, there dignity begins'
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