Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chrysler 82 Lebaron Town and Country station wagon, 8 track player

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Chrysler 82 Lebaron Town and Country station wagon, 8 track player. Came with some dreadful late seventies white-bread pop music collection 8 track with Kenny Rogers, Liberace Chopsticks and such. "Pop Goes the Classics" with that clap-track. Mom, sister and I - we loved it.

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Listened to 8 track in station wagon while driven by Mom to Xian Private School, to learn about superhero Jesus and the Disciples. Driven by Mom to Korean TaeKwon-Do school, to keep from getting beat up at Xian Private School. Daddy works 18 hour days, drinks and screams. Mommy suffers from migraine headaches, vomiting. Totally ripped off by Chrysler dealer when buying station wagon with 8 track - we were at the car dealer for 7 miserable hours. Listening to FM white-bread pop.

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I have no idea if the family that prays together stays together. But, today, my little family eats together and laughs together, every day. Mostly my wife and daughter laughing at me - oh well... My daughter listens to music on her iPod Touch - I am going to buy her Weird Al Parody music videos this week. I hope my daughter will have the benefit of parents that have a firmer grasp of their relation to the universe, so she will not have to figure it all out herself in her early twenties. Who the heck knows how it will all turn out?
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