Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dylan's Candy Bar in my town would be nice

Dylan's Candy Bar exterior, New York CityImage by caspermoller via Flickr

Check out these "Candy Sweet Treat Parties" held at Dylan's Candy Bar and Yummy Gummys Sweet & Sour

Har, read this - Food Network Dinner Impossible "Candy Catastrophe" at world's largest candy store, Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City The next time I find myself in New York City, I am heading here. The gift baskets look lame. How can I get my sour gummy **ON** with these girly-girl gift baskets?

Dylan's Candy Bar, New York CityImage by caspermoller via Flickr

If you have a candy party there "Candy Girls with Trays - Reminiscent of the good ole cigarette girls, our Candy Girls will add an element of fun and pizzazz to your party as they walk around with trays of our sumptuous candies and chocolates." Sounds like an opportunity to embarrass myself - leering at Candy Girls, and going into diabetic shock.

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