Friday, August 28, 2009

The Associated Press: US senators discuss military equipment for Libya

The Associated Press: US senators discuss military equipment for Libya: "

Aug 14, 2009

TRIPOLI, Libya — A delegation of U.S. senators led by John McCain met with Libya's leader Friday to discuss the possible delivery of non-lethal defense equipment.

The visit and Washington's offer of military equipment was another sign of the improving ties between the former longtime adversaries.

'We discussed the possibility of moving ahead with the provision of non-lethal defense equipment to the government of Libya,' McCain said at a news conference. He gave no details on the kind of military equipment Washington is offering.


The American delegation also included Senators Joseph Lieberman, Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham.


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My comment: Wanted to save this before it completely fell into the Memory Hole. The whole Lockerbie Release is part of Western powers trade deals with Libya for oil and gas. Then there is the issue of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi's guilt. As Libya and Iran jockey for western acceptance and trade, the other gets alternatively blamed for this bombing. The families of the victims get a front row seat for this sick and cynical game. The case is not strong against al-Megrahi, but there was a peculiar rush to pin all blame on Iran leading up to this release.
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