Friday, May 15, 2009

Relax with cockroaches crawling over every inch of my body

Not really cockroaches, just joshin'. But seeking out relaxation is not really my thing. Some of what other people describe as relaxing (massages, long baths) seem like a chore to me.
Hissing cockroach
I am always a little on edge, and I rather prefer it. I remember trying a cigarette in high school, and immediately feeling a wave of relaxation over my whole body, and I HATED it. I prefer life when it feels like walking through a hail storm, with thousands of tiny pricks of pain over your whole body, always. Nervous twitchiness is underrated.

When I think about relaxation, frankly I think of Sundays when the girls go out shopping, and I am home to do the Sunday chores, without risk of being told to "Hurry Up" or "Stop Folding Clothes Weird and Be Sensible". I can go through my chores in a slow-poke way, indulging my strange theories of proper strategies for housework, and just chill.

Large hailstones up to   centimetres (  in) in...Image via Wikipedia
Err, now that I think about it, lying under the covers, watching "Mythbusters" on the tiny screen of my video iPod, is pretty darn relaxing. Annoying my dog by using her fuzzy belly as a pillow for my fat head, is pretty darn relaxing (even though I have to lay on the hardwood floor to do it, because doggie not allowed on the bed or furniture).

Hmm, I sound like a dude that seeks out and enjoys relaxation. I must have been wrong about preferring being on edge. Sorry for the confusion.
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