Thursday, May 21, 2009

My daughter reads way too fast, gotta try to keep up.

I am terrified at how fast my sixth grade daughter reads. Her old man reads pretty fast, but she may read twice as fast as I do. I cannot afford to waste any beach reading time, to try and keep up with her. I figure if I read some of the same books she does, she can help explain to me the confusing parts. I always get names mixed up, so I am always wondering "Who did What to Whom?"

I only read the back cover of this book. It is about a future alternate universe where a Mexican drug lord clones a son to harvest his organs. Half of the front cover is made up of shiny metals of fiction awards, so that has to be good, right? The cool thing about reading a book that your daughter has already read is that you can ask her to explain who the heck all these characters are, and what the heck are they saying every time they talk at each other. It should be a pretty good ego boost for her, helping out her old man, if she doesn't get sick of all my questions.
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