Friday, June 27, 2008

Little Moe inside my Head, Sphere of Direct Influence

I was thinking about:
I will work towards _short term victory condition_ with Grace and Intention, both in Action and Thought, with Gratitude for my circumstance and the Positive Expectation that this will take me towards my long term goals and highest aspirations.
Has it, in fact, been a big bucket of awesome? Well, not quite. Then I was thinking about:
Viktor Frankl's distinction between Liberty and Freedom. Liberty is a description of the external environment, Freedom is a description of the ability to choose how to respond, instead of simply reacting.
Where it hasn't been a big bucket of awesome, I really felt the lack of Liberty, and, so, needed to strive for Freedom. Why am I now tying it all together with:
The "Extension Spring" connections between the Sphere of Direct Influence, the Sphere of Responsibility, and the Sphere of Concern.
Why? Well, because of challenges. I am feeling my depression strongly the last few days. I know that depression is a "heavy" word, and I know to break down the depression I feel into the exact components, because there are specific techniques for countering each component. I am feeling:
  • Fatigue, resting in a napping pose is so delicious, as a way to make it all go away
  • Irritation coming easily and creating pain
  • confusion from overwhelm
  • loss of hope from overwhelm
  • strong, steady stream of impulses to manage mood
  • strong, steady stream of impulses to distract self with time wasters
OK, I have some challenges here. So it all goes back to the Spheres of Direct Influence, Responsibility, and Concern. I will put the whole of the solution inside my sphere of responsibility, and use that to grow the size of my sphere of direct influence. It really does feel like a little Moe inside my head, who has a limited sphere of direct influence, against the issues listed above.

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