Saturday, June 21, 2008

Said Goodbye, Goodluck to Sumiracle

Off Sumiracle goes to Germany then Scotland then England, he promised to post his public Google Calendar with dates of performances. We talked about a lot of stuff. Wanted to blog the best stuff before I lose it. "With Grace" - Short term intention anchored to food or drink:
  • Before eating or drinking (or smoking, in Sumiracle's case), use the opportunity to anchor, to contemplate short term goals, form pure intention, have the intention to the goal, not the method, and strive to do it "with grace".
  • I think I will go so far as to press palms together, head down, in prayerful state.
Creating, Trying, Testing, Choosing Rituals
  • Religion has ritual. If you don't prescribe to a religious affiliation, you can make your own rituals.
  • Again, this is about intention, and anchoring the physical self to higher goals, spirituality, gratitude, positive expectation.
Scientifically studying my "Falling in the river" I have the definite frustrating feeling of "falling in the river".
  • I see a short term goal ahead of me, I see the path to it, the path runs by a river.
  • I am walking along the path...
  • the next time I am in full possession of consciousness and awareness, I feel "I fell into the river, and tumbled and washed far downstream", away from my goal.
I feel that I fell back into managing my mood, placating myself with distractions, yielded to mere base coping. Now I am further from my goal, and I am demoralized.
  • "Falling into the river" was due to a lapse of concentration.
  • "Falling into the river" was the result of yielding to old harmful impulses.
Sumiracle suggested viewing the whole situation as "magic" and scientifically probing the "magical" aspects of it.
  • "I suddenly lose concentration" -> "Why and How did you lose concentration?" "What circumstances make it more or less likely to lose concentration?"
  • "I drift downstream" -> "How far downstream?" "How fast?"
  • "Demoralize" -> "How great the demoralization?" "Quantify it."
  • "The river is close to the path" -> "How close?" "How far?" "Is there another path?"
  • and so on...
I can clearly picture this scene of Path, and River, and Challenge, and Loss. So, this scene has "magical" aspects, the power of me is quite "magical". OK, probe. Study this "magic" with cold precision. And in this way, cause it to vanish into predictability, or at least minimize its power. Meditation, for short time, to bring specific emotion into reality Sumiracle said he had success with brief mediation, 5 minutes or so, to recall a specific emotion. He began with happiness. He experimented with the idea that he could, through force of will and intention, recalled a time of happiness, and guarantee that for 5 minutes every week, he could feel the emotion of happiness. He also tried anger. He got a grip of the tail of anger, based on his ability to call it into existence by meditation and recalling a time of anger. I believe that covers it. I can sleep now.

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