Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is Day One really about Iteration?

Maybe Day One for everything should be about Iteration. We like Iterative solutions, where this is one cycle of the iteration:
  1. Informed by Goals, Standards, References (regarding External or Internal)
  2. Observe Situation, Environment, Available Resources (External or Internal)
  3. Evaluate
  4. Choose Action
  5. Act
  6. Observe Effectiveness of Action
  7. Invitation to Re-consider Goals, Standards, References
  8. Repeat
Another point: we don't take anything to be so fundamental that we do not regularly schedule re-evaluation, perhaps to replace it. Because we want to avoid treating something deficient as fundamental, particularly when it only becomes deficient as the situation changes. (I have to work in what is meant by "Choose". But, basically, a pragmatic take on Free Will -- people who act as if they have and believe in Free Will are measurably more Effective than those who act as if they lack or otherwise disbelieve in Free Will.) ((Hmm, yes, the people who most stridently deny Free Will are pretty sorry creatures.))

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