Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Zig Ziglar: Goals

Been more frustrated with myself, about distractions, about wasting time managing my moods, about having scarce motivation to rise above a funk. So will finally do the Zig Ziglar _Goals_ program, which start by writing down everything I want to do, or be, or have.
  • Want a programming system in 12 years
  • Want to have a constructive mathematics system in 16 years
  • Want to run 10 for-profit corporations in southern California in 9 years
  • Want to paint the house in 1 year
  • Want the garage cleaned out in 8 months
What I really want is something to return to, to have always available when I am wasting time with distractions for managing my moods, or prone to indulge a blue funk. Will come back to this, will work over the next 36 hours, then ready for the next step.

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