Friday, July 4, 2008

Zig Ziglar's Goals, work in progress

Still listening to Zig Ziglar _Goals_ audio program. With the list of goals, I know I will rewrite them, as I remember more that I developed earlier. You need to write done the answer to "Why"? Ol' Zig says that. But also, rewrite it as a learning and teaching exercise, to be presented in a form conducive to pedagogy. (Pedagogy is a terrible sounding word. Paging Chris Hanson...) Also, use this technique: imagine having the goal accomplished today, because of work begun 10 years ago. Now the goal is to redo it. The insight to be gained is "What was built and made strong with the use of the Gap between Stimulus and Response"? The person who began the work 10 years ago, and is not merely re-doing, has built up capabilities in the Gap between Stimulus and Response. Use the Satir model to make explicit:
  1. Sensory
  2. Meaning/Representation
  3. Feeling
  4. Feeling about Feeling
  5. Self-Defense (if perceive threat to self)
  6. Rules for Response
  7. Response action
In the steps 1 through 7, in the linkage between the steps, the person who began work 10 years ago developed some capabilities, some things were made "Cool" and brought into the realm of the deliberative, some things were made "Hot" and brought into the realm of the automatic. Along with the goal proper, we also have the identification and development of these capabilities in the Gap. OK, now off to my Mom's house to fix her TeeVee, then return to this. I am glad I remembered it now, make the goals feel more "Do-Able", even if it doesn't make the goal any easier.

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