Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Boing-Boing: Crotch-bomber psyche laid bare in messageboard archives

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This is pretty intense. It is a reminder to myself to love love love mean people, especially people who are mean to me when I open up. The alternative is to descend slowly into a sick world where suiciding myself along with killing innocents seems like a good idea.

God, help me to love mean people better. God bless those who don't demand everyone be nice to them.

Why don't these guys kill themselves quietly? Oh well, at least the most damage he did was burning his own crotch. Although there are rumblings to bomb Yemen.

Christ, way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. A guy burns up his own crotch, and my tax dollars go to bomb 1000 Yemenis to create 100000 motivated terrorists.

From the usually worthless Boing-Boing:

Boing-Boing: Pantsbomber psyche laid bare in messageboard archives (spoiler: he used sad-face emoticons): "Now that we've gazed inside what is purported to be Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's explosives-laden underwear, let's look inside his mind, by way of an archive of postings he made to the Islamic discussion website
Would the prophet Muhammad have played soccer, were he alive today? Is it okay to eat meals with my parents, even though they're unclean? All this and more he asked, and we know this because Wired Danger Room dug up a slew of links.
The following post credited to 'Farouk1986' is to me the most chilling of all, because it is the most human. As was the response that followed, from another guy on the forum who'd been to the same emotional place [insulting insipid banter removed]
sad.jpgBasically, the problem I'm having is that I've been having extreme loneliness...for many years. I don't really know what to do because I'm not the type who likes to go out much, and I'm just shy and quiet. Even on the internet, I don't feel comfortable posting much because it exposes myself. Sometimes people are so mean.
So I'm trying to figure out what to do. I just wish I had someone to give me attention and stuff. I wish I had someone who would be there to listen to me, and always be nice to me. It really hurts to have someone neglect me or be mean. Unfortunately, a weakness of mine is that I'm sensitive, but I think I became more sensitive after something bad happened some years ago.

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I wish I had at least one nice person to talk to, maybe over e-mail or Messenger. Of course, if I could find someone to marry, then Insha'Allah I would have someone in real life to give me all the attention and affection I wanted. So far, the families we've met aren't interested in me, though.
Loneliness (Farouk1986, on

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