Friday, January 23, 2009

Ugh. The bed-wetting over Gitmo detainees has begun.

Glennzilla covers the worst offenders:
And in response to a heartening post from Will Wilkinson, I demonstrate the need for anger management training.
My unhinged post:
Bed-wetting.  The only risk from bringing Gitmo detainees into the US justice system is exposing the Gitmo kangaroo court.
I don't find the justice system of 3rd world juntas attractive.  In this I am in a 60% majority (per current polling on US citizens' appetite for sanctioned torture).  I weep for the US, because 40% of the population is more than enough to fully staff a totalitarian prison system, all in the name of our "safety".
Allow me to preemptively apologize.  At this point, I am usually chastised for not supporting the open discussion of opinions.  I apologize for crushing the tender flowers of free expression.

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