Thursday, January 22, 2009

Explaining Megan McArdle's Schitck

Enfuriating crap from Megan McArdle, with a great Glennzilla take-down:
Everyone's hailing Obama's decision to suspend all Guantanamo trials for 120 days. ... Doesn't this just further prolong the incarceration of anyone who might be innocent?
Despite the fact that it's only 74 words, one could spend hours highlighting the factual inaccuracies in McArdle's "uncomfortable question."
But to say, as McArdle did:  "Gee, what's all the fuss about with these military commissions?  I thought people wanted Guantanamo detainees to have nice trials under the UCMJ like they're having now" is to demonstrate a complete ignorance about what the entire debate is about.  There's just no way to have paid even a tiny amount of attention to what's been going on at Guantanamo and not understand that the controversy is over the rigged and profoundly un-American military commissions themselves, the denial of rights that the UCMJ affords, and the mockery of Western justice they entail.  That is why Obama didn't want his name anywhere near those proceedings and why he immediately suspended them.
And "Sadly, No!" explaining Megan's place in the Bloggo-Sphere - "Teh Megan, Matt, And Ezra Show":
Megan McArdle: What I mean is, why do you drive on the parkway and park in the driveway? Isn’t that a contradiction? It seems to me that it’s immoral to fund social programs because black people smell, and also paradoxes, like why is a carpet neither a car nor a pet?
Matt Yglesias: I think Megan misses the point with her post on the morality of social spending.
Ezra Klein: Studies clearly show that black people do not, in fact, have a distinctive odor.
McArdle: When I said that it’s immoral to fund social programs, I was not referring to black people.

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