Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fatty Liver means my Babylove wants me to stop drinking beer

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I am not a big drinker, which is good news for me, because my father was a heavy cigarette smoker and is still an alcoholic. I don't care for wine at all, and don't care for hard liquor. But I do enjoy a fine beer, especially English beers. Yummy! Dark beer, ales, spicy little microbrews, all good stuff. My limit is two beers at one sitting, because I am all about the taste, not getting buzzed.

My problem is that I am overweight, and I store my fat in my liver - so, FATTY LIVER OVERDRIVE, BABY! So my Babylove wants me to stop drinking beer, even though I average only about 3 beers a week. Even the fattiest of livers can metabolize 3 beers a week without breaking a sweat, but the Babylove has spoken.

Not really a problem. I enjoy a good ice water. My Babylove also has this strange idea about drinking body temperature water, how this is supposed to be HEALTHY HEALTH OVERDRIVE, BABY! No way I am drinking piss-warm water. Take away my beer, but leave me my ice cubes.
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