Friday, April 23, 2010

Pannus is just another word for nothing left to lose

This picture I drew does not represent the state of my body.  I weigh 240 lbs currently, about 50 lbs too heavy for my 6'1" frame (maybe losing that much weight would leave me pretty scrawny, but around there).  My huge belly, my jowly fat-face, and my dangerously fatty liver hold this extra weight.

Discussed with a small Loved One about the idea of a "front butt", so I sketched this out.

I wanted to bring attention to the great atheist and erotic blogger Greta Christina, and her "dieting/not-dieting/healthy-living" experience


I had lost 15 pounds, just to gain it back.  Right now I am more interested in enhancing my intentionality with eating and enjoying being active everyday.  There is evidence that your weight is a function of the availability of tasty fats and carbs, and tasty empty calories, and very little to do with individual will power.  So enhancing my intentionality about what and how and how much I eat makes more sense to me.

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